Women Kayak

I’m Connie and I have been kayaking on and off since landing in Florida about 12 years ago. I believe in learning by doing and I’m learning/exploring/kayaking at least a couple of trips a month.

For me kayaking or just plain being in the water can be a very relaxing way to enjoy the day and time with friends.

I have explored ways that can make kayaking more accessible for women, which for me includes using inflatable kayaks. I have (2) that I use on a regular basis and if you thought inflatables were toys – think again! – I did and now I have a whole new world to explore and do it my way.

I use SeaEagle products and a friend of mine uses Advance Elements – there are lots of different styles and prices ranges out there – so do some Internet exploring. I’m not sure they save you a lot of money as much as the convenience and ability to handle and transport a kayak.

This is not a club and there are no obligations, just opportunities to have fun, meet other women and take advantage of some Florida Sunshine!

If you have never kayaked before and want to explore – drop me a line – I’d be happy to demonstrate or take you on an introductory adventure - – we’ll take it easy – my home lake is a perfect spot for expanding your horizons.


fishing rod!
  • 18.06.17 Isles of Capri Paddle Park

    I love this area there is so much to explore and with little boat traffic. I found a fellow explorers and we did a 3 hour tour through the woods area. We had a few wrong turns but they turned out to be pretty fun. The was an area above the Woods where we ran into schools of fish feeding on bait fish. They were popping the water all around us and within just a couple feet of the kayak.
  • 18.06.10 Weedon Island

    It has been a long time since I’ve been out on the water; Florida has had an unusual rainy weather pattern for May and made it difficult to be outside. For this trip I just had to add a little more adventure... we unloaded kayaks & gear at the launch area and when I went to move my car - it would not start. Dead Battery - but we didn’t let it stop us, a friendly fellow kayaker got us jumped and moved the car, AAA showed up with a battery and we